Noboribetsu Karurusu Hot Springs Mori no Yu Sanseikan

Enjoy a relaxing stay amid the nature of Noboribetu’s valleys

Featuring the only natural drinking water fountain in the area.
Chicken stew, our signature specialty since our founding! Many patrons come back just to sample this dish.
Our outdoor baths aren’t done by half measures -- they are really outdoors, letting you see the sky! Soak and take a deep breath while you gaze at the sky.

Sanseikan style hospitality

ようこそ、山静館へ そして、おかえりなさい!

Our forte as a small inn

Greetings, guest. Welcome to Mori no Yu Sanseikan, an inn at Noboribetsu Karurusu Hot Springs.
We are located right in the midst of Shikotsu-Toya National Park. eing a national park, there are strict regulations on construction. While the modern world is full of conveniences like restaurants and convenience stores, our inn is located in a beautiful valley that preserves the old way of life.
Feel for yourself what a pleasure it is to experience an unadulterated landscape.
In today’s busy age, it is all the more important to spend time with loved ones to appreciate our blessings. Rather than something “out of the ordinary,” make the everyday “extraordinary.”
Rather than feeling harried every day, we allow you to recharge your batteries and feel enthusiastic about what awaits tomorrow. Give yourself the breathing room you need. We await you at the inn, ready to make your stay a pleasant one.
Looking forward to meeting you soon at Mori no Yu Sanseikan. Our young proprietress: Orie Kudo


The three charms of Sanseikan

Mori no Yu outdoor baths

Mori no Yu outdoor baths

Hot Springs Our amazing outdoor baths

This outdoor bath is our pride and joy and is where the name of the inn comes from. We also offer other authentic hot springs, including one that is safe to drink.

Our hot springs are safe to drink!

Cuisine Free range chicken hot pot stew

Cuisine Cuisine Cuisine

It goes without saying that the inn owner prepares the hot pots, a popular menu since our founding, all by hand. They feature local ingredients that are gentle on the body.


Rooms Pleasant rooms

Rooms Rooms Rooms

Our eighteen guest rooms are scaled by size (six to twelve tatami mats) based on the number of guests in your party. Non-smoking rooms are also available.



Noboribetsu Jigokudani about 13 minutes by car

Noboribetsu Jigokudani Noboribetsu Jigokudani Noboribetsu Jigokudani

Oyunuma Natural Footbath about 9 minutes by car

Oyunuma Natural Footbath Oyunuma Natural Footbath Oyunuma Natural Footbath

Hokkaido is also known as a “kingdom of hot springs” for boasting the highest number of hot springs in all of Japan.
Noboribetsu is home to an active hot springs area created through volcanic magma activity.
Noboribetsu is a popular place for rest and recreation due to its richly verdant nature and the quality of its waters.



We are located 15 minutes by car from the Noboribetsu-Higashi Interchange on the expressway and 20 minutes by car from JR Noboribetsu Station.

・90 minutes by car from Chuo-ku, Sapporo (if traveling on the expressway)
・60 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport (if traveling on the expressway)
・40 minutes by car from Tomakomai Ferry Terminal (if traveling on the expressway)
・40 minutes by car from Muroran